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Our Business is about Conserving Deeporbeel

Deepor Beel is one of the large and significant riverine wetlands in the
Lower Assam Brahmaputra Valley.

It is considered to be one of the migratory bird staging sites in India and some of the major aquatic bird congregations in Assam during the winter season. It was designated by Birdlife International as one of the Important Bird Area (IBA) sites because of the abundance of avian fauna. In November 2002, it was also designated as a Ramsar Site with an area of 40 sq. km. A part of this site is about 4.1 sq. km. was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 2009.


Simang's role
in Deeporbeel

Simang products are made out of Water hyacinth which is an invasive species and is harmful to both the aquatic biodiversity and the livelihood of the fishing community of Deepor Beel.

By making the extraction & production process of Water hyacinth sustainable, Simang is making an effort to create a green space in the city in the near future. 

With the community, 7WEAVES RF/Simang is trying to

understand the traditional community-led conservation efforts and the sustainable additional livelihood generation practice. Fishing is found to be the primary occupation for the people residing near the wetland and with their traditional ecological practice, they are conserving the beel for ages. As long as they are dependent, the beel is conserved.The concept is mainly based on the current economic model which is sustainable resource utilization for additional livelihood.

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