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Winter Birding Festival 2023

Birds are essential indicator species, and long-term monitoring can be linked to the study of habitat and climatic conditions.

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The Bird Festival is an annual event in which people from diverse fields converge to watch a mega gathering of migratory and resident birds in the Ramsar Site of Deeporbeel, throughout the year.

i. Winter Birding Festival (WBF)

A month-long birding event to coincide with migration, since the lake is home to hundreds of migratory birds, as well as activity around the lake during New Year and Bihu celebrations.

ii. Spring Bird Count (SBC)

The spring season both bids farewell to winter visitors and welcomes summer migrants. It is also an excellent period to see local migration and breeding in resident species.

iii. Autumn Bird Count (ABC)

Autumn bids summer migrants farewell and welcomes winter migrants. Some species' young travel with their parents/flocks to their wintering grounds. It is once again a favourable period to see local migration in resident species.

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The Winter Birding Festival at Deeporbeel 2023 recorded
a maximum of 28,331 birds from 161 species


“It was a great experience. Got to learn a lot of new things, met some amazing people. Looking forward to be part of more such events in the near future.”

– Mr. Karan Barman

“I am someone who is very new to this field but the experts guided us so well. I was able to observe so many species including the Greater Adjutant. Looking forward for more such experience.”

– Ms. Kangjam Velentina Devi

“Great experience … specially for someone who is new in birding. Got to learn about different birds species and subspecies.”

– Mr. Rishav Jain


59 people have participated along us, who were guided by our 10 eminent team leaders and experts.

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